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Expert Witness Services

Conveying complex and technical points in a way that people can understand

This is really what makes expert witness services so difficult to provide.  Developing complex financial calculations whether for business valuations, damage calculations, fraud examinations, or other finanical litigation services is only part of the equation.  A good expert witness must have the expertise and personal qualities to be able to communicate these complex calculations and concepts to individuals, whether a jury or a judge, who not only do not have any experience but really no interest in the area being brought forth in a litigation.  Our finanical experts have the experience and ability to articulate complex concepts in clear and concise language that can be understood by the lay person.

FVR's expert witness have experience in communicating complex financial issues for litigation support in areas such as:

  • Business valuations and separate property issues in divorce
  • Damage calculations in breach of contract litigation
  • Fraud examinations in emblezzement and theft litigation
  • Lost wages in wrongful termination/dealth claims
  • Lost profits and dimilution in value in civil litigation

FVR's expert witness services can assit attorneys throughout the litigation process including naviagating through discovery requests for financial related documents, document management, depositions of financial related witnesses, and cross examination of witnesses.