Forensic & Valuation Resources, pllc

Divorce Services

Our Services include:

  • Business valuations for closely held companies
  • Income computations for support alimony and child support
  • Joint versus Separate property identification
  • Separate property tracing
  • Forensic examination of personal financial representations

Divorce is the division of complex financial and accounting issues, where expert advice has been used to create the complexity. 

There are many difference finanical issues facing parties in a divorce.  While the attorneys are experts in the law, FVR has the expertise and experience working with the complex finanical and accounting issues.  Business valuations of closely-held companies are the most common; but other complex issues arise many times in divorce proceedings.  FVR has experience in helping to identify joint versus separate property, tracing of separate property in order to provide support for separate property claims, analyzing complex income tax returns to determine the parties true economic income for support alimony and child support. 

When you are emotionally involved, it is hard to make rational business decisions.  Our professionals at FVR can assit you through the complex financial web during the divorce.  We work hand-in-hand with your attorneys through these complex issues that only experience and expertise can bring.