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Business Valuation Services

Business valuations can be as complex as the businesses being valued.

Business valuations can be very complex.  You need a valuation analyst that has the knowledge and experience to be able to see through the complexities and reach a reasonable and understandable valuation.  The starting point of any valuation is knowing the purpose of the valuation.  This generally dictates the Standard of Value, whether Fair Market Value (FMV) or Fair Value (FV) or transaction value to a specific buyer. 

FVR has experience providing business valuations for a vareity of purposes such as:

  • Divorce
  • Acquisitions
  • Civil litigation
  • Gift & Estate
  • Retirement planning. 

FVR perfessionals bring objectivity, sound judgement and commitment to quality service to every business valuation.  Business valuations are a complex process requiring broad knowledge of accounting, finance, economics, taxation, and business in addition to expert application of generally accepted valuation methodologies and diligent adnerence to professional standards.  Our business valuation professionals are Certified Publice Accountants (CPAs) who have specialized experience and credentials in business valuation and include Accredited in Business Valaution (ABV) and Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA).

Business Valuations many times are part of other service FVR offers

Business valuations are many times part of other services FVR offers to its clients.  Business valuations are used in divorce proceedings in order to value the marital property.  Business valuations are used in civil litigation in  order to value dimilution in value.  Business valuations are used in the mergers and acquisitions of businesses.  FVR has the expertise and experience to carry the business valuations through these other services in order to meet all your needs.